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Artist's Statement

The main theme of my work is a belief in the iterative process as an agent of growth and transformation. I use repetition and layering to symbolize time, duration and change.

The rituals and processes I go through to make my work are as important to me as the result. My work is meticulously rendered by hand. I apply small dots of paint with the tip of a chopstick. I paint narrow rows of multicolored stripes with ever slimmer brushes. I draw tightly arranged lines without the use of a ruler or guide.

Due to the juxtaposition of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of handmade marks over the surface, my paintings and drawings appear to vibrate or "shimmer." The unavoidable waverings, absences, and misalignments within the marks contribute to this sense of movement. The use of simple, iconic and symmetrical compositions keeps the work grounded and provides an overall affect of stillness and calm.

The long process required to create each work - stretching over days, weeks and even months - is always challenging. There is no tedium in my method for me, however, but rather endless opportunity to observe my own engagement to it.

— Laura Paulini